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October 8, 2017 PPC Weekly Bulletin

2017.10.08 09:53

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Proud Prisoner

            Acts 27:9-26

            Sermon by Rev. BongKee HUH


Bulletin Board  Welcome, All New Comers!

2018 Work Team

Submit Application for 2018 Work Team till Oct 22 (Sun).


Life Bible Study

Enriched Life Sunday Class Begins at 6 pm TODAY, iHOPE 2nd F. Chapel.



Habitat for Humanity (building houses for those in need)

·         Date:  Oct 21 (Sat) at 7 am at church

·         For:  1st Group Registrants (See Bulletin Board in Vision House)

·         Attire:  Appropriate attire for a construction site

·         Inquiry:  Domestic Mission Team TaeHoon KWAK (908)698-7765


Vision Trip Team

Accepting donations for Bolivia Vision Trip Team including vitamins for adult or children, usable smart phones.



Flu Shot ($15/person) on Oct 29 (Sun) after Services.


Children’s Church

2017 Hallelujah Night on Oct 31 (Tue), 6:30-8:30 pm at the Sanctuary.


Parking Lot

Paving the gravel area is completed!


Sermon CD

Running Help Center for listening to sermon using cell phones.



2018 Sign Up on the Bulletin Board in Vision House.


Korean History Study

Fall Semester for Korean History Study Group

·         First Class:  10/9 (Mon), 7-9 pm

·         Registration:  INFO desk

·         Schedule:  check Vision House Bulletin Board

·         Inquiry:  WonJong RHEE, wjr19@msn.com (732)236-5445



New Password – See bulletin board in Vision House


HapSim Prayer

Every Tuesday, at 8 pm in the Sanctuary.  Everyone is invited.

Youth Tuesday Prayer:  every Tue, 8-9 pm, iHOPE 2nd fl. chaple


SRB* for Church Cleaning

Today: SeungJoon LEE/SunYoung YOO(V), ChoonMok LEE/SooJeong KIM(i)

Next Sunday:  EunSung JUNN/JiERun PARK(V), HyunHee LEE/MyungIm JUNG(i)


SRB*for Parking



For Big Rain Worship

For Late Rain Worship


HyeSook HAN

ChoongMok LEE/

SooJeong KIM

Next Sunday

JungBaik KANG/

ByeongHee YOO

ByungSik JANG/

EunJung CHOI


Congregation News

Newly Registered

KyuHyung KYUNG/HyungSeon KIM (MinSeok 10 y, SeoYun 6 y), Highland Park, 732-427-0736;

RaeHyung KIM/HyoJe KIM, Somerset, 732-322-8837


email to office 환영합니다 예배안내 찬양교인되기 섬기는이 교회역사 일터 사랑방소개 사랑방자료 사랑방편성 지원선교지 선교지소식 선교게시판 선교사진 이런일저런생각 찬양나눔터 교회소식 교회사진 어린이청소년교회소식 환영합니다 예배안내 찬양교인되기 섬기는이 교회역사 일터 찬양나눔터 교회소식 교회사진 어린이청소년교회소식 이런일저런생각 도서검색 생활정보 교회일정 건물사용 문서양식 한국문화학교