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September 10, 2017 PPC Weekley Bulletin

2017.09.10 09:46

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Bulletin Board  Welcome, All New Comers!

ChanYang  HanMaDang

Congregation Field Day!

·         Date:  9/17 (Sun), after Big Rain and Late Rain Service till 5:30 pm

·         Place:  Duke Island Park, 191 Old York Rd., Bridgewater, NJ 08807


Relief Fund

For victims of Hurricane Harvey, collection till 9/17 (Sun)


Synod Meeting

9/12 (Tue), 5 pm, QueensUnited Presbyterian Chrurch


Elder Session

9/14 (Tue) 8 pm.


Youth Church

Sr. High & Jr. High SaLT begins on 9/16 (Sat), 6:30 pm, Inquiry at the INFO desk


EverGreen Class for >65 y

Fall Semester

·         Date:  9/14 – 12/7, Thursdays 10 am – 2 pm

·         Registration:  Today – 9/10 (Sun), after services or by mail

·         Inquiry:  MyoWook JANG 732-996-2689



Request for Book Purchase

·         Request accepted any time

·         Submit:  Title of the Book, Author, Publisher, and Requester name

·         Where:  iHOPE Library Desk or by Email to chanyangbookstore@gmail.com

·         Inquiry:  JaeWon KANG, jaewonkang@gmail.com 732-470-5293



Special Meeting

Ministrial Mentoring for 30-40s Pastors


·         Sepy 24th (Mon) - 27th *Wed


HapSim Prayer

Every Tuesday, at 8 pm in the Sanctuary.  Everyone is invited.

SaRangBang for Church Cleaning

Today: KwangHwa LEE/SunHee LIM (V), DongHoon LEE/HyunJoo LEE (i)

Next:  GeunTaek LEE/WooWon LEE (V), MyungJae LEE/YuHye KIM (i)

SarangBang for Parking



For Big Rain Worship

For Late Rain Worship


HeeJung CHO

EunSung JUNN/JieEun PARK


JongHo CHOI/

HyeYoung CHOI

HyunHee LEE/

MyungIm JUNG


Congregation News


JaePhil LIM/InYoung SHIN, daughter SaeMee, on 9/7



DongHo CHOI/EunHye LEE to LA

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