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Korean Christian Teachers

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My name is Jim Hanlon.   I help run our International student program at Pillar College,  the only accredited evangelical Christian college in NJ, which is also locates in Somerset, NJ. We have had a very successful program for getting foreign students a high school diploma from NJ, by having them complete 10 college level general education courses that the state approves.  We are hiring a Christian Korean professor who could teach in Korean and English.  We would like to find some more.  They would need to have at least a Master's degree in the subject area we need professors.  

Also would like to offer this program to any of your foreign or domestic students.  

Can also approve of qualified teachers doing courses at your facility for your own members.

Would love to talk to someone about these opportunities. My number is 732-319-7833.

Jim Hanlon
Pillar College
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